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2022 CISMaRT Online Workshop – Speakers

Jan Hagen Andersen, Business Development Director, DNV Maritime, Region Americas

Jan has over 30 years of experience in the maritime industry with a focus on propulsion systems and machinery.  He has a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington and started his career at a marine engineering company in Seattle. 

In 2005, he joined DNV Maritime Technical Advisory Group based in Norway.  Since 2010 he is based in Houston, Texas and is currently a Business Development Director for DNV Maritime, Region Americas.  In this role, he is focusing on alternative fuels, environmental compliance, energy efficiency, and novel technologies in shipping.   

He is a member of the SNAME M-16 Panel on Propulsion Shafting and is on the North America Environmental Protection Association (NAMEPA) Board of Directors.

David Bolduc, Executive Director, Green Marine

David is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic planning of the Green Marine organization. He leads a team of five employees based in Quebec City, Halifax and Seattle. Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, he is Green Marine’s leading representative and outreach agent. 

His appointment as Green Marine’s executive director in January 2010 followed his active participation in creating the environmental certification program while employed at the St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES), a founding member association. He joined SODES in 2005 as the environmental and economic coordinator after two years as a researcher for the House of Commons in Ottawa. He went to work for the Canadian government after completing a Bachelor’s in International Studies at York University in Toronto and a Master’s in International Relations at Université Laval in Quebec City. 

In 2014, David received the St. Lawrence Award from SODES to recognize his outstanding contributions as an individual to the maritime industry.

En tant que directeur général, David Bolduc est responsable de superviser l’administration, le développement du programme ainsi que la planification stratégique de l’Alliance verte. Il dirige une équipe de cinq employés établis à Québec, Halifax et Seattle. Relevant directement du conseil d’administration, il est le principal représentant de l’Alliance verte pour assurer le rayonnement du programme. 

Il a été nommé directeur général de l’Alliance verte en janvier 2010, après avoir participé activement à la création du programme de certification environnementale lorsqu’il était employé de l’une de ses associations fondatrices, la Société de développement économique du Saint-Laurent (Sodes). Il s’est joint à la Sodes en 2005 en tant que coordonnateur économie et environnement après avoir été chercheur à la Chambre des communes à Ottawa pendant deux ans. Il a aussi travaillé pour le gouvernement canadien après avoir complété un baccalauréat en études internationales à l’Université York à Toronto et une maîtrise en relations internationales à l’Université Laval, à Québec. 

En 2014, David a obtenu le Prix du Saint-Laurent de la Sodes afin de souligner sa contribution exceptionnelle à l’industrie maritime.

David Bolduc was appointed as Green Marine’s executive director in January 2010 following his active participation in creating the environmental certification program while employed at the St. Lawrence Economic Development Council. He leads a team of six employees based in Quebec City, Halifax and Seattle and is Green Marine’s leading representative and outreach agent. 

Yousef El Bagoury, Naval Architect, CSL

Yousel is a Naval Architect and registered Professional Engineer at The  (CSL) Group in the Montreal, Quebec office since 2013. 

After graduating from Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities with a B.Eng (Hons) degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Yousef embarked on career at sea as a Marine Engineer sailing on refrigerated cargo vessels and cruise ships sailing up to the position of 2nd Engineer before coming ashore.

Prior to CSL, Yousef worked for The Weir Group at the Naval Engineering Test Establishment in LaSalle, Quebec where he worked in the Environmental department of the Marine Systems group where he tested equipment, performed waste audits and market surveys amongst other tasks to support the Royal Canadian Navy.

Yousef started his CSL career as a Marine Systems Designer where his primary role was to seek new technologies and provide oversight to optimise CSL’s fleet. In 2014, Yousef accepted a position as  Superintendent for CSL, where he was responsible for managing several of the company’s ships, making sure that they operated at peak efficiency and complied with all environmental regulations. In January 2018, Yousef headed the development of CSL’s Innovation Research and Development team and took on the role of Naval Architect with a focus on improving safety and reducing CSL’s environmental footprint.

Yousef divides his spare time between his family, mountain biking, reading, hiking and playing bass guitar.

Tony Vollmers, Mechanical Systems and LNG Manager, BC Ferries

Tony Vollmers graduated with a Master of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and has worked in the marine industry for over 15 years. Throughout his career he has been involved in the mechanical and machinery design of many modern vessels ranging from 18m tugs to 100m Navy and Coast Guard vessels, many serving in sensitive environment areas such as the Baltic Sea, North Sea, Arctic, and Antarctic. Now at BC Ferries as the Mechanical Systems and LNG Manager, Tony works to ensure that the existing fleet is operating efficiently, contributing to the future vessel replacement programs, and working to minimize emissions.

Greg Peterson, Director Engineering Services, BC Ferries

Greg has 40 years of experience in marine industry, 15 years at sea as Engineering Officer, 1st Class Chief Engineer, shore side operations, engineering, environmental systems, regulatory affairs, energy, maintenance standards and asset management.

Andrew Kendrick, President of SNAME

Andrew is a naval architect with many decades of experience in ship design, applied research, and regulatory development. In 2021 he took up the Presidency of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME), in which role he promotes SNAME’s involvement in the key challenges facing the marine industries worldwide, through research, education and information-sharing. Andrew also continues to work as a marine consultant with Vard Marine, following his retirement from the company; and also with other clients in Canada and overseas. He is an active member of a number of other societies and boards related to the marine industry, and a regular presenter at conferences and symposia.

Gary Olszewski, Clean Tech Specialist, Environmental Programs,Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

Gary joined the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority in 2010. As a clean technology specialist, Gary is responsible for facilitating the adoption of new fuels within the transportation supply chain, and is a technical resource to assist in evaluating and implementing new technologies, projects, programs, and policies. His scope of work ranges from large ocean going vessels and harbour craft, to mobile equipment on terminals and rail and truck supply chains throughout the region. Gary’s primary focus at the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is to ensure the Port of Vancouver is prepared to provide new marine fuels (bunkering) as a service to the maritime sector throughout this decade.

Bruce Colbourne, Consultant

Dr. Colbourne holds a B.Eng. in Naval Architectural Engineering (MUN), a S.M. in Naval Architecture (MIT) and a Ph.D. in Ocean Engineering (MUN). Early on, he worked as a Naval Architect with German and Milne Inc. of Ottawa. In 1986 he started with the National Research Council Canada, Institute for Marine Dynamics, progressing circuitously from Research Associate to Group Leader for Offshore Research. Among many other things, he worked on scaling methods for ship-ice model tests, the dynamics of ice impacts with marine structures, and wave loads on aquaculture pens. In 2009 Dr. Colbourne joined Memorial University as a Professor in Ocean & Naval Architectural Engineering, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses, with research focused mainly on ice effects on ships and offshore structures. To date he has authored or co-authored 160 articles and reports. Since retirement in 2019, Bruce has helped his children with renovations; continued to supervise graduate students; edited theses and publications; spent much more time walking, bicycling and gardening; and offered free, or sometimes paid, advice on ocean and ice issues, or marine research and development strategies, to almost anyone who asks.

Wei Qiu, Professor and Head, Department of ONAE, Memorial University

Dr. Qiu’s research is in the area of marine hydrodynamics and its applications to ships and offshore structures. He has led numerous projects involving marine and offshore industries, government agencies and private sectors. Dr. Qiu has served in many international organizations, including the Chair of the ITTC Ocean Engineering Committee, a member of the ISSC Environment Committee, and a member of joint ISSC-ITTC Committee. He is a fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) and a fellow of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME). He also serves as the Chair of Interim Board of the Canadian Network for Innovative Shipbuilding, Marine Research and Training (CISMaRT).

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