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Call for Expressions of Interest (EoI): Enabling MASS Technologies (English Version)

Important Dates

Submissions are due by 5pm (PST) January 29, 2021 and should be emailed as a .PDF to Fraser Winsor fraser.winsor@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca. Any questions regarding the Expression of Interest (EoI) should also be addressed to him. 

During the review process (between January 29th and February 26th, 2021) additional information from the applicant may be required. A presentation to the selection committee may also be requested. Proposed projects selected for further development are anticipated to be announced on February 26, 2021, after which a detailed project proposal must be written and submitted to the NRC’s National Program Office (NPO) for an assessment of the project eligibility.  

  • January 29th  – Expressions of Interest due by 5pm (PST). 
  • February 26th – Announcement of selected projects for consideration and initiation of Eligibility Assessment by the NRC’s National Program Office.
  • April 1st – Funding envelope begins (funds distributed as per approval by the NRC’s National Program Office).

Important Notes

Selected projects at this stage do not guarantee approval for funding. Final funding decisions are made after a full proposal has undergone the necessary review, due diligence and approval processes.

All submissions must be a collaborative project with an NRC researcher.  

Projects must align and broaden the impact of NRC’s current enabling MASS research agenda.  Each project must be collaborative between at least two organizations (NRC + collaborator).  Projects can have several collaborating organizations. 

Examples of NRC research currently underway:

  • Use of Machine Learning for Identification and Characterization of Vessel Operational Best Practices
  • Digital Twin Technology for Autonomous Operation in Harsh Environment
  • Prediction of Ice in the St. Lawrence Waterway Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Ship Situational Awareness in Ice
  • St. Lawrence Seaway Autonomous Marine Testbed
  • Extension of Driving Automation Research Activities at NRC to the Marine Use Case

For more information on NRC MASS research, contact Fraser Winsor, Research and Technology Lead at fraser.winsor@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca or Martin Richard, Director of Research, at martin.richard@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

In addition, an overview of current and recent work on MASS by NRC researchers can be found here.


CISMaRT plays an important role in enabling MASS in Canadian waters.  This network was selected by the Canadian Forum for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (CFMASS) Testing/Research and Development subcommittee to act as a national network for research to enable MASS.   The mutual interest of smarter, greener and safer links these two initiatives to the benefit of the maritime sector in Canada. 

  • Submissions will be reviewed by a panel selected by CISMaRT’s Board of Directors.  This panel will make recommendations to the Board of Directors, who will in turn provide recommendations to the NRC.
  • NRC’s Ocean Program Director, the Research and Technology Leader for Intelligent Marine Assets, and Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Research Centre’s Director of Research will decide on projects to be funded.
  • Selected projects will be invited to submit a full project proposal from which the funding contract will be negotiated.
  • All contract negotiation will go through NRC’s National Program Office.

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